Travel in Style : My Travel Essentials

I have a few essentials with me every single trip I take:
Because a pop of color (and a lot of stamps) is just what every passport needs. 
This Vera Bradley carry on suitcase is the PERFECT suitcase for any vacation. I personally hate to check a bag, and this roomy carry on fits everything I need comfortably. Not to mention it is fantastic quality, and looks classy with it's black quilted detail, and stylish interior. 
I don't go anywhere without my Tom Ford's or my aviators.
Because what better airplane activity is there to do on your way to vacation than to dream up your next vacation? I always pick up the latest Travel & Leisure at the airport. 
travel essentials
Traveling can be exhausting, and you want to look great when you get to your destination! I feel that a touch of this lip-quenching cool guava lip gloss is usually just what I need to wake my face up when arriving to a new place. 
This purse goes with me everywhere. To work, on vacation, and all around San Francisco. It's big enough to fit a laptop, which I love, and small enough that you don't feel like you're dragging around a suitcase. 
Tory Burch Leather Sandals I love Tory & her beach style. These sandals are my go-to for any sunny weekend getaway.
Beach Fedora Hat These fedora-inspired sunhats are a huge hit all over the world this year, and I absolutely adore this one. 

Bon voyage!!!!

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